Token Usecases and Burn Mechanics

The primary use case of the AVRK utility token is a market-valued payment and credit for access to the Avorak AI ecosystem.
Secondary use cases will also include but not be limited to:
  • Receiving additional credits of the AVRK token in the form of a staking and 'revenue feedback' system
  • Incentivized liquidity provision through decentralized exchanges
Future use cases will include AVRX as the 'gas' token for Avorak Network, as the machine learning program moves into a decentralized state functioning as its own blockchain using a Proof-Of-Learning validation system. Token Burn and Revenue Allocation The AVRK token will be taken as payment for using Avorak products. - 49% of all revenue will be distributed back to AVRK holders. - 49% of the revenue will be distributed to Avorak. - 2% will be burned automatically upon payment, causing continuous deflation to the AVRK token.