Token Distribution

The Avorak token will be distributed simultaneously with the launch and locking of the liquidity pool (LP).
The AVRK token will not be distributed before the LP lock to mitigate risks of users creating their own liquidity pools before the team is able to set the price. The tokens will be distributed in between bulk sender airdrops, with an anticipated timeframe of around 15 minutes to complete.
All receiving addresses used will be those supplied to Avorak by buyers when using the ICO website. All receiving addresses will be checked to ensure they are not one of the following
  • An address from a different, incompatible network
  • The token contract address
  • Something else that is not any form of crypto address
If any accounts are triggered to have an incompatible/incorrect address, they will not receive their initial distribution and will be required to seek help through our OFFICIAL channels, Telegram or website support.
An attempt to contact will be made by the Avorak team for any accounts that have failed to provide a correct address, via the email or phone number provided to us in their account.
There will be a two-week grace period, after which point the initial distribution will be considered complete, and any missing token claims will be disregarded.
Any user error that results in tokens being sent to an address not controlled by the purchaser will not be liable for any form of support or refund. The token supply is limited.
Please ensure the address you provide is YOUR WALLET ADDRESS ON (BSC) NETWORK to ensure that you receive your token allocation in a timely fashion.