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The Avorak Ecosystem

Avorak is an ecosystem of AI technology designed to streamline human-led tasks and decrease time requirements for creative jobs, trading, text generation, and, eventually, much more. The AVRK token will be the driver in this ecosystem. It will be the payment token for subscribing to services or buying credits. It will also be required to hold for receiving a share of the revenue made from the Avorak AI services. In the first year, a ‘Share Increase’ staking option will be available for those who are invested for the long term, allowing AVRK holders to lock their tokens for up to 12 months to gain a share of the last publicly available non-LP tokens. This is in order to increase their total hold of the project market cap during initial development phases, while the true use-case of the token has yet to take hold. Upon launch of the AI trading services, this is a ‘free-to-use’ service that takes 0.5% of the profit made using the service. In the event of no profit being made, no charge is applicable. If significant revenue is made (more than $100 million) from using Avorak-generated content (please see future Terms and Conditions of Service for full details of which forms of content this applies to), then there is a Royalty Fee of 0.1% payable. The AVRK token will be listed for liquidity farming on various decentralized exchanges, in addition to joining ‘Earn’ programs on selected centralized exchanges. 2% of all incoming AVRK tokens for payment of services will be burned forever, ensuring a deflationary effect from the natural use of the token and without sacrificing existing project funds for 'buybacks.’ 49% of all revenue will be routed back to AVRK holders from the second month of revenue generation onwards. This will be in the form of staking pools or by using centralized exchange 'Earn' options. Centralized exchanges will take a small fee for this service in exchange for the ease of access to staking AVRK.
For safety purposes in regard to investors and the token, AVRK will NOT pursue adding lending or borrowing to the token use case.