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Project Staff

As an entirely online workforce, our team is located all across the globe.
Joe Harrison - Marketing Communications Manager London, UK
Sirawut Tanantirasakul - Marketing Assistant Bangkok, Thailand
Charles Ball - Project Development Manager Vancouver, Canada
"LawIsJustHumanCode" - Lead Software Engineer
Yuxuan Zhou - Software Engineer Shanghai, China
Pieter Kruger - Software Engineer Durban, South Africa
"Squeezebox" - Machine Learning Specialist
Karl Lehmann - Machine Learning Specialist Dortmund, Germany
"I Do Websites" - UI/UX Developer
Terence O'Shea - UI/UX Developer Bali, Indonesia
"Ghost Etching" - Blockchain Developer
Anand Chopra - Blockchain Developer Bengaluru, India
Harriet Taylor - Administrative Coordinator York, UK
Cemre Yildiz - Human Resources Manager Istanbul, Turkey
Those with nicknames in quotation marks wished not to be named in the documents