Introduction To AI

AI is a representation of human thought patterns and intelligence to be used for interaction or performing tasks at an increased work rate. AI systems are usually designed to learn from the requests given to them, develop better responses, and increase the quality of the AI product.

The majority of AI being developed for or currently available to retail consumers is designed for human-led task performing, conversational or informational purposes. AI is gaining large amounts of traction as the next big tech advancement for humankind, with the core idea of streamlining work processes in an effort to increase productivity.

With AI being onboarded for writing, image creation, trading assistance, and many other functions, the ever-increasing demand for information and services can be met. Most AI accessible to retail consumers runs on command line input, with instructions given in text or voice-to-text format.

The programming and data collection of these AI systems create an ever-expanding database of learned behavior

Avorak intends to expand this form of command-line instructions by integrating services via API into a closed-loop secure system. This will allow for command-line trading that doesn’t require knowledge of script language, shopping online with automatic check-out systems (address and payment options require setting up in advance), generating images, and creating short or long bodies of text in various styles of writing alongside many other future use cases.

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