Multi-Signature Token Vaults

The Avorak AI team is committed to instill a productive environment of transparency within our community. In spirit of this, Avorak AI is proud to provide an easy to follow table of all AVRK tokens controlled, secured and in management by the Avorak team. Please refer to the table bellow.
AVRK token contract address (BNB Smart Chain): 0xb60cb6c66bAB2AF697Bd2C4704D2EBd68203ba4D Liquidity and CEX tokens: 0xdB46B53e966E4c9b04dABAe792588ECA1A18827C
Team allocation tokens: 0xd8f4a2f4e52aaAe6a935A6FcFf0f89fE7349d756
Marketing allocation tokens: 0xDa87b217E8326F9985b34f96ffd4B4fDFcfBb0f7
The multi-signature safe signers consist of the three founders and blockchain advisor Anand Chopra, at the below addresses, solely used for the purposes of managing the Avorak funds:
0x3bba12C1fF0c9a3dFbee3043C9a4962FC397AF13 0x0BC6eBC821Fd32Fca8d754f4b94d349f626BB4A1 0xB5149dEF45b67Cb33fA4e332EAe8Df9c2d2A39D8 0xE296Fa6682b4De50ec8E92fD0ace219F18abAAD4